Tuesday, 11 December 2012

IJE-The Journey -Nollywood's Highest Grossing Movie

IJE -The Journey, Nollywood's highest grossing movie of all time at the cinema is set to continue its winning ways in the DVD market. After several weeks of buzz, the award winning movie hit the DVD market and instantly recorded an unprecedented patronage, selling about 200, 000 on its first day on the shelf. The movie is selling in over 6000 stores in Nigeria, the US and some parts of North America and on music and video merchandising site, I-Tunes and Amazon
The movie, IJE has been tipped to achieve another Nollywood milestone by selling more at the DVD market thereby doing better than the previous bestseller The Return of Jenifa which sold well over 100,000 in its first week in the market. Speaking on the impressive DVD sales, the director and producer of the movie, Chineze Anyaene couldn't hide her joy at the feat "Selling that much on the first day is huge, its more than encouraging. It is not a common feat in a country like Nigeria as a director and producer is always up against various factors". For the New York Film Academy graduate, the journey into Nollywood has been interesting since she overcame her father's initial opposition of her career choice. "My father didn't want me to act in movies for the fear of men touching me on set.
He particularly said that no daughter of his would act because he was so uncomfortable with the way men touch ladies while on set but when I told him I was going behind the camera to direct and produce, he said ok, that's not bad. At a point my mum wanted me to study law but when I returned with my first short film, my father was stunned but very happy and couldn't believe I could do that, he was impressed.

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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Innocence of the Muslims -An Exploding Controversy

This is the anti Islam video a that has caused a riots and a violent anti America reactions in the Middle East and all around the world and has lead to the deaths of some people including the American Ambassador to Libya.

I do not normally focus on religious views on this blog which is  more to do with African music and entertainment news events however after watching this movie on the net I felt compelled to make of few comments and try to find out what other Africans Muslim or Christains might feel.

I personally found the trailer quite disgusting and insulting to Islam as a religion, and I wonder why this guy Sam Bacile guy who allegedly made it was allowed to publish it in America, I thought all films had to be reviewed by the government films board before they could be published  if so was it approved? some may say it's in the interest of freedom of  speech and people should be allowed to publish whatever they want but then should people be allowed to publish material that would be offensive to the many millions of Muslims around the world where exactly do we draw the line - would  it be alright to publish a Nazi Propaganda film or a film glorifying Racism - I wonder .

I also wonder how much of this was about a person or group of people making a film because they had strong convictions or deep seated feelings against Islam or if they just wanted make a controversial film that would take the proverbial P out Islam in the name of entertainment because they thought it would be funny, or are there more sinister motives at play surely the backers and funders of this film must have known that if it saw the light of the day it would cause a massive controversy and reactions from the Muslin world especially at time when there is already so much that has gone on in places like Iraq,Libya, Afghanistan and Syria.

Is this a calculated attempt to cause even more hatred and friction between the West and the Islamic world for whatever reason or purpose, is there some kind of end game here or am reading too much into it - is the film more a culmination and symptomatic of the very strong anti Islamic feeling in America.   I do find it ironic that our governments are always talking about spreading peace and democracy in the Middle East and helping to free the people from so called dictators - then you get a film like this coming out which of course encourages more fundamentalism and serves as a great recruiting tool for extremist groups like Al Qaeda and so on.

On the other hand you might want to question why people should react so strongly to what is essentially just a movie, do people really have any justification for rioting and killing other innocent people,it or is there something fundamentally wrong here aren't religions supposed to spread peace, tolerance and forgiveness of one another.  what happened to that basic commandment 'thou shall not kill'

Anyone out there who would like to comment or air their views please feel free to do so.

Peace and Blessing 

Thursday, 16 February 2012

GFlow Baba-Hustle Nd Bubble

Big track from G.FlowBaba in case you're wondering who he is then you might recognise him by his former stage name Teran G which he has now changed due to legal and other management reasons don't ask me what that's all about! but he back under new management with a big track simply titled Hussle N Bubble.and it's as catchy as they come with a video which I must say is very slick and well produced, it features flashbacks of his great grandfather the late Herbert Ogunde a musical  theatrical Icon, and  legendary pioneer of professional theatre as well as one of the first big movie makers in Nigeria.
For more information on Gflow Baba check him out on his brand new website or  hook up with him on FaceBook by clicking on the links below. and don't forget you can download the track here.

Peace and Blessings


Monday, 30 January 2012

QOFI Menza Them Not Know

Stepping out from Accra, Ghana Qofi Menza is one of those guys gaining a lot of traction and attention nowadays, because he has his own unique style with a very good beat and drops some inspirational and positive messages on his tracks in his own words he says "All those that walk positive and believe that no matter what God ( Nana, Onyame, Allah, Jah Buddha, Yaweh, Karmah. The Supreme Being, The Most High) Still walks with his people....KEEP THE FAITH in God Almighty and ourselves.

Currently signed to the Blaqq Drum label QOFI has just dropped his new album "GHANA EP"  and trust me if the rest of the tracks are as good as this one then I will be definitely looking forward to it.
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Monday, 14 November 2011

Positive Energy - Gyae Saa Official AZONTO music video

The latest AZONTO monster hit song from Ghana with a super FULL HD quality VIDEO by the duo international music group POSITIVE ENERGY (MR. M and YOUNG SOUL from NIGERIA) . video directed and shot by PASCAL AKA of BREAKTHROUGH MEDIA PRODUCTIONS ..... respect!

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Positive Energy - Gyae Saa-Azonto by Numusicstreet

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Saturday, 29 October 2011

M3NSA ' No One Knows'

M3NSA is one of the most respected Rappers in Ghana and a true exponent of the fusion between Hiphop and African Hiplife check this catchy video and make your own deductions 'No one knows Tomorrow' check him out
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Monday, 3 October 2011

Yung Kurt ft TeeBeeO No Be Play OFFICIAL VIDEO

Hot stuff from Yung Kurt & TeebeeO just love the music and that Chorus 'No Be Play' crackin slick and smooth get it!!
find out more about Yung Kurt at Websites:

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No Be Play- Yung Kurt ft TeeBeeO by Softcore Mixtape