Monday, 30 January 2012

QOFI Menza Them Not Know

Stepping out from Accra, Ghana Qofi Menza is one of those guys gaining a lot of traction and attention nowadays, because he has his own unique style with a very good beat and drops some inspirational and positive messages on his tracks in his own words he says "All those that walk positive and believe that no matter what God ( Nana, Onyame, Allah, Jah Buddha, Yaweh, Karmah. The Supreme Being, The Most High) Still walks with his people....KEEP THE FAITH in God Almighty and ourselves.

Currently signed to the Blaqq Drum label QOFI has just dropped his new album "GHANA EP"  and trust me if the rest of the tracks are as good as this one then I will be definitely looking forward to it.
For more info on Qofi Menza click on the links below

Play download his latest track  "Them Not Know"


QOFI Menza on SoundCloud
QOFI Menza On Youtube
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