Sunday, 22 November 2009

Darey Un.Darey Ted Album Pirated

Barely a week after his album hit the stores; Darey Art Alade’s second album has become yet another prey to piracy.

The NCC on Thursday April 2, 2009 caught Akina Music International Limited formerly Benrit Outlook Ltd in the process of illegal mass production of suspected pirated products. The optical discs plant which will soon be charged and prosecuted for piracy of copyright protected works had also been raided by the Commission about four years ago and is currently being prosecuted at a Federal High Court in Lagos for piracy of musical works and cinematograph films.

‘If not for the timely intervention of the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC), I am not sure what story we’d be telling today. A lot of our intellectual work, time, money and energy have been put into the release of that album, and to think someone was trying to pirate it breaks my heart’ Darey says

Un.DAREY.ted. which has been on a test run since 2008, and has over time gained momentum as one of Nigeria’s most anticipated albums was finally released on March 31, 2009 under Soul Muzik after a string of videos for ‘With this woman’, ‘Carry dey go’, ‘Not the girl’ and ‘More’.

‘I hope and pray that this criminal act will not be allowed to continue to happen, I mean, people can’t continue to feed off our sweat and toil, its not fair’ Darey who was at Dubai as at the time the news broke disclosed. Expected to hit the media are more eye catching, irresistible videos from the album- Un.DAREY.ted

Watch Video Not the Girl Darey Art Alade

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